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Disclosure Page

Disclosure Page

Welcome to kenyanbusinessfeed.com’s Disclosure Page. This page aims to provide transparency and clarity regarding the policies, practices, and relationships within our business blog. We value the trust of our readers and strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity and accountability. Please review the following disclosure information:

  1. Editorial Independence: At kenyanbusinessfeed.com, we uphold editorial independence and strive to present unbiased and objective business news and analysis. Our articles and content are based on thorough research, verified sources, and professional expertise. We do not accept payments or engage in practices that compromise our journalistic integrity.
  2. Advertising and Sponsorship: To support the sustainability of our operations, kenyanbusinessfeed.com may engage in advertising and sponsorship partnerships. This means that we may display advertisements, sponsored content, or affiliate links on our website. However, these partnerships do not influence our editorial content or coverage. We maintain full control over the selection and presentation of articles, ensuring that they align with our values and quality standards.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: kenyanbusinessfeed.com may participate in affiliate marketing programs, where we earn commissions on qualifying purchases made through affiliate links. These links are clearly disclosed as such within our content. However, the presence of affiliate links does not impact the objectivity of our reporting. We prioritize the accuracy and usefulness of the information we provide.
  4. Sponsored Content: Occasionally, we may publish sponsored content or articles written by partners or advertisers. These articles are clearly labeled as sponsored or advertorial. While they are paid for, we ensure that they meet our editorial guidelines and maintain a clear distinction between sponsored content and our independent reporting.
  5. Sources and Citations: At kenyanbusinessfeed.com, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable information. We thoroughly research our articles, relying on reputable sources, data, and expert opinions. We strive to include proper citations and references for the information we present, enabling readers to verify the facts independently.
  6. Conflicts of Interest: We are dedicated to avoiding conflicts of interest that could compromise the integrity of our reporting. Any potential conflicts, such as affiliations, personal relationships, or financial interests, that may influence our content are promptly disclosed. We take appropriate measures to address such conflicts transparently and ensure our reporting remains impartial.
  7. Financial Advice Disclaimer: The information provided on kenyanbusinessfeed.com is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. We strongly recommend consulting with qualified professionals or conducting your own research before making any financial decisions. We do not assume any responsibility for actions taken based on the information provided on our website.

Please note that this Disclosure Page is subject to change and may be updated periodically to reflect any modifications in our practices or policies. We encourage you to revisit this page regularly for the latest information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our disclosure practices, please reach out to us through the contact information provided on our website.

Last updated: 6/7/2023

Thank you for your continued support and trust in kenyanbusinessfeed.com.


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